29 August 2008

As we get Older, Men get Better Looking and Women...

Everybody has heard this. It's a common complaint among those in the business of looking good (or at least gooder than the general population). Especially in, say, Hollywood.

Men get better looking as they get older and women don't.

It's often true. So i put my powerful monkey brain to work to try and figure out why would this be.

And i have figured it out; it has to do with genetics, evolution, and survival of the species. This is a bit complex, so i'll do my best to explain.

Let's talk about women.
The natural lifespan of humans as animals is about 40, maybe 50 years. This explains why a women's capability to have healthy children drops off dramatically at 35. They simply are approaching the end of their lifespan.

There's a limit to how many children a female can have. Long gestation, difficult birthing, predominantly single births, and the longest child rearing in the animal kingdom limit the child production of any women.

So it's pretty important than women have children at an early age. If they wait, they may not survive to have any. (Remember, i'm talking about "wild" humans, not civilized ones.) To do so, they need to be appealing at an early age to attract males.

This is seen in many societies where girls are married off soon after they are capable of having children.

So let's talk about men.
Once past puberty, men can have any number of offspring. Being young is no particular advantage. In fact, an older male is proof that he can survive. Beating out disease and danger, the older male becomes desirable because he is a survivor, due to better health, smarts, and a bit of luck. The older male is naturally more attractive.

Any evidence?
Yes, all around us. Think of every couple you've ever known. In how many of them were the males older than the females? Would that be the vast majority? It may be only a year of two, but when couples hook up, the male is usually older. Random chance? Of course not, or the ratio would be 50/50.

Know any couples where the males is much older than the female? Probably, we've all seen this. What is your reaction? Do you find it odd? Creepy? Weird? Yes, if the female is too young, but if dealing with adults, a little odd, but no big deal.

How about a younger male and a much older female? Now what's your gut reaction? I'll bet something about that just doesn't seem right.

These are examples of your genetics and evolutionary development at work. You are genetically hardwired to like and dislike certain things. And what is attractive to you was written in your code a very long time ago.

...and that's why men get better... well, you know the rest.

28 August 2008

Welcome to georges' Interrobang

The interrobang either (1) asks a question in an excited manner, (2) expresses excitement or disbelief in the form of a question, or (3) asks a rhetorical question. And it looks like this:

I can't think of a better way to express my unique view of the world.

Welcome to georges' interrobang.

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