11 September 2008

Shaky Cam - The Worst Hollywood Trend EVER!

Everyone has seen this. At least, if you watch TV or have gone to the movies anytime in the last 10 years. A clever and edgy technique that has the camera operator shake the camera to give you that "you are there" feeling. What nonsense. Does your world view move around violently when you do something active? How about when sitting and talking to someone?

Yes, shaky cam is used even when people are sitting quietly and talking. Do sitting people move randomly about when you talk to them? Why would anyone put this in a movie? Who wants to see nausea inducing filmwork?

And the thing is that everyone i know hates it. You hear complaints about this godawful camera work from everyone, critics and public alike. Have you seen Cloverfield? Did you get nauseous watching it? Most people do.

Of course, it's probably great for directors. After all, they can film an exciting fight scene and shake the camera so much you either can't watch it or can't figure out exactly what's going on. Either way, that's a whole lot less work for the director; choreographing a fight is a lot of work. Much easier if no one can watch it. If you've seen the Bourne movies, then you know what i mean.

To make matters worse, shaky cam is often accompanied by short editing. So not only is the picture moving around violently, but the film segments are so short, you can't figure out what you just saw anyway.

But maybe i'm wrong. Maybe Hollywood is helping people with various handicaps. Letting someone with Parkinson's Disease do the camera work and another with ADHD do the editing is just helping out. Industry should help people.

Remember all those old home movies that nobody could watch because Grampa couldn't hold the camera steady and everyone had to look away so as not to get dizzy? Well, go back and appologise! Gramps was way ahead of his time, using cutting edge camera techniques not discovered by Hollywood for decades. Go back and watch those old home movie again. Only this time "Oooooh" and "Ahhhh" over the incessant dizzying motion of the modern school of film.

Shaky cam is the worst, most Godawful method of using a camera ever devised. It's been going on for years now and doesn't seem like it'll ever end. Everybody hates it, and yet Hollywood won't stop using it.



Genevieve said...

I hate shaky cameras. I don't understand the "artiness."

Ryan said...

You just took the words right out of my mouth. You've just summed up exactly my thoughts (and everyone I know also) on this new annoying trend, even down to the quintessential movies that are by far the worst I have seen (the last two Bourne movies). If this trend continues to gain momentum I fear that the number of quality movies being produced will dwindle to next to none.